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AdvanDx Inc

AdvanDx is a molecular diagnostic company committed to provide the medical profession with advanced in vitro diagnostic kits, such as PNA FISH for rapid and simple pathogen identification in blood cultures and screening test for the prevention of hospital acquired infections, leading to improved therapy and better patient management.
AdvanDx was founded in 2002 by Mr. Thais T. Johansen, President and CEO, and Dr. Henrik Stender, Vice President of Research and Development

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Biopheresis Technologies GmbH

Biopheresis Technologies is developing an innovative immuno/biological therapy, utilizing a patented medical device product, initially focused on cancer indications.  The company was founded and is incorporated in the US, but is operationally centered in Heidelberg, Germany,  where, through its wholly-owned German GmbH subsidiary, the company is planning post-marketing clinical studies in metastatic breast cancer patients.

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Gyros AB

Gyros AB is a Swedish-based company located in Uppsala. The company’s automated platform, Gyrolab®, is a versatile analytical tool that dramatically reduces the time required to optimize and execute immunoassays. Time for assay optimization is often cut from weeks, to a matter of days. This results in increased efficiency in process development and in clinical evaluation of therapeutic proteins.
Gyrolab enables assays to be conducted with a significantly reduced background, increased dynamic range and with higher throughput. All this is achieved using only nanoliter volumes of reagents and sample. More data can be generated in less time and with higher precision, consequently improving productivity and effectiveness. Applications span the entire spectrum for immunoassays and Gyrolab is now firmly established as the preferred solution for pharmacokinetic (PK) assays in the development of therapeutic proteins.
Many major pharmaceutical companies and service providers— CMOs/CROs—have already implemented multiple Gyrolab platforms to boost their drug development process and to meet increasing regulatory demands on testing.

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Light Sciences Oncology, Inc.

Light Sciences Oncology, Inc. (LSO) was incorporated in late 2004 to develop and commercialize the technology of Light Sciences Corporation in the field of oncology. The Seattle-based company is targeting the treatment of primary liver cancer, liver metastases from colorectal cancer and other solid tumors, by the means of a light activated drug. LSO has initiated its pivotal clinical study in patients with liver cancer which is among the most malignant of cancers and afflicts more than one million people per year worldwide.

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Medical Vision R&D AB

Medical Vision R&D AB was founded in 2002 and focuses on endoscopy. The mission is to improve the quality of patient care and reduce health care cost through products built on safe and proven technology. The company develops and produces a broad range of products used during endoscopic procedures including the Double®Pump which provides automated pressure and flow control thereby facilitating surgeon procedures in arthroscopy

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Nuevolution A/S

Nuevolution A/S is a drug discovery company based on its proprietary Chemetics™ technologies to rapidly identify multiple drug candidates to virtually any target in very short time.

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PreciSense A/S

An Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) was signed and executed with Medtronic Inc. Following the APA, PreciSense received an up-front payment of USD 3 M and is entitled to a milestone payment of USD 4 M, upon regulatory approval of the PreciSense technology in the US. Furthermore, PreciSense has the right to receive 2% royalties on any net sales of the PreciSense technology, limited to a maximum of USD 20 M. PreciSense has been restructured as a consequence of the APA and is effectively an empty shell with the purpose of receiving any future payments in accordance with the APA.

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